5 Sweet Ways To Apologize To Your Partner

Is your partner angry at you? Have you hurt him? Friends, it happens to the best of us. What is more important is how you deal with the situation. Here are 5 sweet ways of apologizing to your partner.

1. Bring home his favorite beer

Haven’t you heard men saying ‘Beer is the solution to everything’? Sometimes, it actually is. Bring home an ice-cold slab of his favorite beer and share a few glasses with him. He’ll be surprised and be very happy to hold his beer in one hand and you in the other.

2. Prepare a romantic meal

Surprise your partner with a romantic meal when he is back from work. Bring out the silverware, cook something delicious and grab a nice bottle of red wine. Let him know that you’re sorry while he is enjoying the perfect meal.

3. Watch his favorite sport with him

We know how boring it is to sit through that football or baseball match, but we think it definitely works. Apologize to him and sit with him when his favorite team is playing. Top this session off with some tasty food and rest assured, he’d forgive you within the next 5 minutes.

4. Give him a ticket to his fantasy

How about telling your man “Honey, I’m sorry. How about I making it up to you inside the bedroom? Let’s do whatever you want!” We know this sounds corny, but you too know that it has a 100% success rate, don’t you?

5. Surprise him at work

If you must, turn up at his workplace and take him out for an impromptu lunch date. Look into his eyes and say “I cannot stop thinking of how bad I’ve been. So I came to say sorry. Please forgive me”. It will melt his heart.

You see, apologizing is not that hard after all. Use our 5 sweet ways to be back in your partner’s arms in no time.

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