Rihanna enrages Reality Show Star Tila Tequila

Rihanna enrages Reality Show Star Tila Tequila

Reality Star turns wanna-be tabloid star with unnecessary ranting on her blog about allegations concerning Rihanna.

Hardly a celebrity so most don’t know who Tila Tequila is and that is no surprise. Tila Tequila is a reality show star who has all the right ingredients for making tabloid headlines. Tila Tequila has a way with emotional crises which has been helping lengthen her stay in headlines. Rihanna invoked her wrath when she mentioned her on a radio show. Rihanna said Tila Tequila was one of the people she wishes she could turn off with a remote control. Tila Tequila is ever ready for public display of emotional outburst, which is exactly what she did on her blog. Tila Tequila even implied a lawsuit. Furthermore Tila Tequila has made a personal attack she might have to prove if Rihanna decides to contest in court as well. Tila Tequila says Rihanna’s close sources told her Rihanna has STDs.

Tila tequila’s blog is quite a mouthful, considering she goes on and on about the few things over and over again in over four paragraphs. Tila Tequila is in for trouble and she knows she is. Worst more she herself talks about how Rihanna’s friends jay-Z, Kanye West, Beyonce’ etc will probably hate her. Somebody tell her Rihanna’s fans which are more than she ever will have, hate her already too.

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