Nicole Kidman almost gave up on Keith Urban after singer had two-year affair: Rumor

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are, reportedly, in a much better place in their relationship right now.

According to OK! magazine, things haven’t always been easy for the couple. In fact, there were a couple of times wherein Nicole Kidman and Urban wanted to give up on each other.

“At times, giving up would’ve been a lot easier than staying together – but Nicole and Keith worked through their problems. They may have had to walk through the fire, but they’re stronger because of it and more in love than ever. They both feel incredibly lucky,” the source said.

Keith Urban denies having an affair with a model

Years ago, Urban checked himself into rehab for alcohol use. Around the same time, a lingerie model claimed that she had a two-year affair with the musician. Despite this alleged affair, the Big Little Lies star still chose to stay with her husband.

“It was terribly hard on both Nicole and Keith. They had to dig really deep. It wasn’t easy, but in the end, Nicole chose to believe in Keith and support him. And with the help of therapy – which they’ve been in and out of ever since that time – they got through that painful time together,” the source said.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban didn’t have time with each other

But the source said that it didn’t take long before Nicole Kidman and Urban’s problems resurfaced. Three years ago, the couple, allegedly, struggled to spend time with each other because of their busy schedules.

“Keith was on the road, and Nicole was working like crazy on back-to-back projects. Money was pouring in, but they had no time together. The word is they were miserable and even talking divorce,” the source said.

The couple’s relationship improved while in Australia

But after recently relocating back to Australia due to the pandemic, the couple, allegedly, had the time to slow down.

“They started taking romantic walks, just the two of them, where they’d talk about the stuff that was bugging them and plaguing their marriage. It helped them reconnect and just be a couple again. In fact, it saved their marriage,” the source said.

The couple also, allegedly, came up with 10 rules to make their marriage work. This includes never going to bed while upset with each other, going on weekly date nights, eating dinner as a family, always apologizing, complimenting each other, laughing frequently, greeting each other with a kiss, and more.

“But their favorite rule is the last one: that they have to go to bed early, turn on some soft music, dim the lights, and cuddle until both doze off,” the source said.

As delightful as these claims sound like, they are untrue. There’s no way for a tabloid to know what goes on during Nicole Kidman and Urban’s private moments at home.

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