Truth About Britney Spears’ Nagging Health Issues Affecting Her Career

Britney Spears hasn’t had a moment free from gossip for decades now, and there’s always been some sort of buzz about her body in particular. Unfortunately, most of that buzz has been nothing but negative and cruel whispers about the pop legend’s health and appearance. Gossip Cop has had to investigate multiple rumors about how Spears is holding up, and they don’t paint a pretty picture.

Britney Spears Risking Going Bald?

The Globe reported that Spears was losing her locks after decades of harshly dying her hair its trademark shade of blonde. “She’s suffering from years of abuse and if she’s not careful, she’ll lose it all and be in a wig for the rest of her life!” an excited tipster revealed. Pointing to her frequent switches from blonde to brunette to back to blonde, the outlet wrote that she’s been left with “a fried, tangled, knotty mess” atop her head. Unsurprisingly, the tabloid then devolved into jabbering about Spears’ infamous 2007 hair shaving incident and dropped more than a few problematic comments about mental health.

Cruelty aside, the magazine wasn’t even right about the claim — hair dye can damage existing hair, but it doesn’t hurt hair follicles and can’t affect hair still beneath the scalp. Gossip Cop has busted this sort of story before, and while we fully expect that we’ll have to address it again in the future, the truth is that this narrative will literally never be true.

Addicted To Junk Food And Getting Flabby?

RadarOnline published this shockingly rude piece of gossip. The site’s “sources” claimed that Britney Spears had abandoned her pop star diet and was throwing away her beach body due to an unshakeable addictions to sweet treats. The gossip blog obviously wasn’t holding back with its headline of “From Fab To Flab!” The site’s unnamed source said, “She’s been bankrolling cheat treats like candy bars and chips… She simply can’t stop.”

Of course, the rumor wouldn’t be complete without dragging in relationship drama. “Brit’s dad, Jamie, put [her boyfriend Sam Asghari] in charge of keeping her in shape,” the insider revealed. “He’ll be in the doghouse if dad finds out how much she’s been gorging on junk food.” The outlet even threw in a few bizarrely specific details, saying, “She likes her chili burgers and steak fries and thick strawberry shakes. When she gets the urge, she satisfies it one way or another.”

britney spears for concert backflip meltdown

The entire report was shockingly divorced from reality — even a cursory glance at Spears’ instagram revealed a plethora of workout videos proved that she was still in top shape. Even now, months and months later, she’s still posting about her dance routines and other physical workouts. It seemed like the site just found out that Spears’ boyfriend was a personal trainer and spun this story to create some family drama and sling a few insults.

Britney Spears Doesn’t Have A Foot To Stand On?

Spears’ physical abilities were called into question once again earlier this year. According to the National Enquirer, the “Womanizer” singer was looking at a shortened career after a particularly stubborn foot injury threatened her ability to dance and perform live. The magazine’s sources said tha Spears was “struggling to even walk” after being seen “wincing getting up and down stairs.” Now, her friends were apparently terrified that the setback would “derail her for good.”

“She hasn’t been keeping up with her workouts, and she’s ditched her low-cal diet,” a snitch claimed. As a result, the singer’s inner circle was deeply worried that the inability to perform and dance would ultimately send her into a “self-destructive nightmare.” The entire story was based purely on the fact that Spears was photographed in a walking boot after breaking her foot dancing, but the rest of the details just didn’t add up.

Unsurprisingly, her foot injury healed and she’s now completely back up to snuff. Heck, she even posted the video of her breaking her foot, and she kept fans up to date with her healing process on Instagram. Similar to Radar Online’s junk food jabs, this story was based more on cruelty than reality.

Spears obviously wasn’t struggling with the injury, and it doesn’t take a doctor to figure out that she’s still capable of killing it on stage. Her physical health may be a recurring topic for jokes and insults, but Spears herself has proven that she’s keeping herself in far better shape, and it doesn’t take a made-up “insider” to see that.

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