Kim And Kourtney Kardashian Were NOT Sent To Rehab By Kanye West And Scott Disick

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were being sent to rehab by Kanye West and Scott Disick. We’re taking a look back at this phony tale and what is going on in the Kardashian household.

The Kardashians are known for their grandeur lifestyle as we’ve seen on the reality sitcom, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

However, NW, claimed the two eldest sisters, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, had gone overboard with “booze, bad boys and drugs.” The outlet purported because of this Scott Disick and Kanye West teamed up to get the Kardashian sisters’ help for their toxic behaviors.

Now, the tabloid did note that Kim isn’t a big drinker, yet the story maintained the beauty mogul was suddenly “boozing” in plain sight. This was causing issues with West who, according to the magazine, became “paranoid she’ll meet someone new during these wild nights out.”

As for Kourtney, the publication asserted the reality-star and mom of three was spending a lot of time with the rapper, French Montana, which was all the proof it needed that Kardashian was out of control.

The tabloid quoted an insider who claimed West and Disick “conspired” to get Kourtney and Kim the help they need. The unnamed source further stated the ideal treatment facility for the Kardashian sisters would be “in the middle of nowhere” and alluded to the possibility of it being in Wyoming where West’s owns a ranch.

But, there were a few things that didn’t make sense about the story. If Kim Kardashian doesn’t drink alcohol how did she become so out of control? And, Kourtney Kardashian hanging out with French Montana, who is a friend of the family, didn’t mean she was spiraling either.

Yet, the most important fact that needs to be addressed is that the media follows the Kardashian family day and night. If any of this was remotely true, it would’ve been mentioned on the reality show or there would be pictures.

Additionally, it’s been a year since the tale came out and there haven’t been any reports about Kim’s “out of control” drinking or her and Kourtney being sent to a rehab facility. Two years ago, the magazine claimed Kim Kardashian was going to replace Kanye West with a new husband.

The outlandish story asserted Kardashian’s marriage to West wasn’t entirely over but she was on the hunt for a new husband. How insulting does that even sound? And what evidence did NW have support this story? Zero!

Last January, the same publication purported that Kardashian and West were going to name their fourth baby after Donald Trump. Since their youngest child is named Psalm West, its’ quite evident NW didn’t have a clue as to what it was reporting.

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