Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom ‘At Breaking Point’ Over The Death Of His Dog?

Does Orlando Bloom “lavish” more love on his dog than Katy Perry? A tabloid claims the expecting parents could break up because of the actor’s treatment of his beloved pet. 

According to Woman’s Day, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom may have reached their breaking point. “Friends” of the couple claim the two are struggling to gloss over the fact that “they are two different people.” The couple’s problems began to surface after the disappearance of Bloom’s dog.

The actor’s dog, Mighty, went missing earlier this month and unfortunately died. Perry’s supposed lack of support in helping find the dog before it’s death is what the unreliable tabloid claims has caused friction between the pair.

The so-called “source” claims the singer seemed disinterested in helping hand out flyers for the missing tea-cup dog. “Katy looked like she didn’t want to be there. She must be very uncomfortable right now this close to birth, but she had this air of boredom about her,” a so-called onlooker alleges.

After Bloom posted a moving tribute to his pet, another source asserts that Bloom hasn’t done the same for his Perry, leading to more tension.

The problem, snitches the alleged insider, is that Perry has always been secretly jealous of Bloom’s bond with his dog. “Orlando treated Mighty like a human and lavished a lot more attention on him than he does on Katy, which she has never been fond of,” the dubious insider purports.

The supposed tipster adds, “She can’t help but feel that Mighty’s escape, and now his sad passing, is overshadowing the final days of her pregnancy when she needs the man the most.”

The sketchy insider further alleges Perry feels at times like Bloom “hasn’t prioritized being there for her.” “Friends have often worried if getting married is truly the right thing for them.

A lot of people think they wouldn’t have lasted if it weren’t for Katy getting pregnant,” the unnamed insider concludes. It’s interesting these “sources” claim the couple is headed for a split or that Perry feels jealousy towards Bloom’s affection for his late dog when the actor was just praising Perry a few weeks ago.

A more reputable outlet, People Magazine, reported Bloom was constantly impressed by his pregnant fiancee. “Aside from the giant belly, you wouldn’t know she’s pregnant. She’s a force of nature as we all know, as everyone knows. But it’s been really impressive.

There’s no complaining. She’s just all about it. It’s pretty awe-inspiring to see the way she handles herself at this time. It’s just business as usual,” Bloom was quoted saying.

Seeing as how the actor is clearly still in love with his partner and has been there for her throughout the pregnancy, it’s evident Woman’s Day piece is completely false and worse yet, silly. Taking advantage of the death of a beloved pet is pretty nauseating.  But, it’s not a surprise.  The tabloid was wrong about the couple before and it’s sunk to lower levels at times.

A few months ago, Gossip Cop busted the publication for claiming Perry demanded Bloom stop partying. The outlet claimed Bloom was “struggling” to contain his partying ways amid the current lock-down and it was causing the two’s relationship to fracture. Upon investigating the story, we found it to be completely inaccurate.

Last August, Woman’s Day incorrectly stated Perry was upset with Bloom for spending time with his “attractive” assistant. The absurd story proclaimed the singer was “furious” with Bloom for allegedly being so close to the unknown brunette he was seen at the airport with. 

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