Margot Robbie And Robert Pattinson Still ‘Getting Flirty’?

What happened to Robert Pattinson “getting flirty” with Margot Robbie? Today, the story is still totally fictitious. In July of last year, NW published a piece contending that Pattinson and Robbie were bonding over their film roles in the Batman universe. Robbie has portrayed Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, and Pattinson had recently signed on to star as the next Caped Crusader. Pattinson, supposedly, had “fallen for her charms.”

“They’re helping each other with character development and finding ways to dig deep into the whole psyche of it all, and having fun along the way,” an anonymous “source” told the tabloid. The story was complete nonsense. First of all, Pattinson’s Batman film is totally unconnected to Robbie’s Harley Quinn movies. Second. Robbie has been married to Tom Ackerly since 2017, while Pattinson has been dating Suki Waterhouse since 2018.

So we were already pretty doubtful about the story when Gossip Cop reached out to a trusted source close to the situation. We were assured that the story was totally fabricated: Robbie and Pattinson were not meeting up do talk character development, nor were they flirting.

With the passing months, the tabloid’s story has remained totally false. Both movie stars remain in their respective committed relationships. It’s clear the unreliable publication was just capitalizing on the news that Pattinson would be taking over the role of Bruce Wayne to fill page space.

The Australian tabloid, however, has only continued to publish nonsense about Margot Robbie’s personal life in the year that has passed since Gossip Cop debunked this piece. That August, the outlet wrote that Robbie was going on “secret dates” across Europe with Brad Pitt, simply because they co-starred together in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. 

The two had been on the promo tour for the movie, and a suspicious “insider” contended that their interactions had secretly turned romantic. Again, Robbie was and is happily married to someone else. She was obviously not dating Pitt at the same time.

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A couple of months after that, Gossip Cop shot down a story from the outlet claiming that Robbie was hiding a baby bump while out and about in New York City. Paparazzi had snapped photos of the actress wearing an oversized dress, and in classic tabloid fashion NW assumed she must be pregnant.

The story was again clearly untrue: Robbie was in the middle of filming The Suicide Squad at the time, an action movie that would require a lot of stunt work for a person supposedly far enough along in pregnancy to be showing a baby bump. It’s obvious that this tabloid doesn’t care about getting the facts right when it comes to the Bombshell star’s personal life.

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