How To Apply Makeup In 5 Minutes?

Ok, so your boss called up and he wants to see you in five minutes? That guy you always wanted to date is just round the corner and expects to see you just in a bit? You’re throwing a party and the time just flew in getting all the arrangements done and suddenly you realize that your guests will be here any minute?.

This may happen a lot of times and you may just tend to mess up your makeup when you just have a few minutes to make an arrival.

Check these simple tips to get it right just when you are in a hurry.


First and foremost, a moisturizer will help you get the perfect start for your makeup. Applying some moisturizer would just make the perfect 1st step so that the little makeup that you can apply stays in place and does not dehydrate your skin.


Foundation is the second step for your makeup. Take some foundation and blend along your skin and neck. A foundation brush is really helpful when you want your foundation to look even without letting your fingers struggle and this will also save lot of time.


A blush will add the necessary zing to your makeup. Apply a little blush along your cheekbones and blend. Powder blushes seem to work best and also look natural.


Lipsticks are a must for your makeup. Color your lips with your favorite lipstick. A little bit of gloss will do the trick and make your lips look fuller.

Eye Shadow

An eye shadow that blends well with your dress will add some edge to your makeup. Apply an eye shadow that suits your dress. Do not go overboard, as this may take time and if it goes wrong in any way, there will be no time to fix it. A tinge of your favorite color will work best.


An eyeliner is one more step towards quick makeup. If you are not an expert with an eyeliner and do not have time to really define it to perfection, then just work towards the outside edges of the eye. Just give it some definition. That will serve the purpose.


A mascara and some loose powder will give your makeup the final touch. Go on and apply some mascara which will make all the difference in so less time. Apply some loose powder on the T-zone and your nose to finish it.


And lets not forget, you need to smell good too. Spray a nice perfume to boost your confidence.

Using these simple tips for your makeup, you will be ready in no time without having to worry about how you are looking!

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