Know 7 Top Facts About Dermabrasion

Fresh, spotless skin is every woman’s wish. But how many of us get to live that dream? To add to our worries, there are hundreds of cosmetic procedures out there with even more so-called-beauty-experts doling out rubbish advice. Read on to know 7 no-nonsense facts about dermabrasion and you will be on your way to have a beautiful and spotless skin. Please note that this article is not about microdermabrasion which is different.

1. Dermabrasion does not involve laser

Busting myth no.1, dermabrasion does not involve the use of laser. There are other techniques out there in the market which do. But if someone tells you that traditional dermabrasion involves laser, give them a boot on the backside.

2. Dermabrasion involves abrasion

Forget the complicated medical terms and forget those hard-to-understand names that your beauty expert took. In simple words, dermabrasion involves abrasion, and abrasion only. If someone tells you anything else, be warned, that is not dermabrasion. Think of it like rubbing sandpaper against wood to take off a fine layer. That’s exactly what happens to your skin with dermabrasion.

3. Dermabrasion – The Purpose

We’ve all seen massive advertisements of dermabrasion procedures which claim that it is an anti-aging procedure that helps with skin rejuvenation, deep cleansing and much more crap. Don’t fall prey to such campaigns and know the fact that the primary purpose of dermabrasion is to ‘wear-away’ the upper layer of the skin to smoothen your skin. Whilst this happens, acne scars, sun damage, permanent blackhead marks, tattoos, moles and fine wrinkles get removed. Now that you know, we hope you will not be drawn into false claims. Will you?

4. Dermabrasion and Wrinkles

We’ve heard many conflicting stories about how dermabrasion treats wrinkles. By now, you should know that dermabrasion works by removing a few top layers of the skin – usually 15 to 25 micrometers deep. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that if you are targeting fine wrinkles, that’s fine. But if you want to remove deeper wrinkles, you’ve come to the wrong place. And lastly, while we are addressing the issue of wrinkles, let us warn you that dermabrasion will not remove wrinkles on a permanent basis. You will find them reappearing with age.

5. Dermabrasion – Side effects

‘Are you insane?’ is what you should be telling the pretty salesgirl who tries to sell you a dermabrasion treatment pack by saying ‘no side-effects’. Like any other surgical procedure, dermabrasion can have a few possible side effects like bruising, scarring, bleeding and even dryness. You may also want to discuss allergies or other special conditions with a medical practitioner.

6. Dermabrasion – What to Expect?

Does dermabrasion work? Yes, we believe it does. And so do millions of women who have undergone this treatment. What you must know is that as the procedure will ‘scrape’ the upper layers of the skin, you will be left with raw and red skin. Healing and regrowth can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to even a couple of months, depending on your skin type. You’d even want to plan to take some time off from work to allow the skin to repair itself, when you get the treatment.

7. Dermabrasion – Medication

Usually, dermabrasion requires a local anesthesia. More importantly, as bleeding is a possible side-effect, you may want to discuss with a medical practitioner if you are taking any other medication on a regular basis.

Now you’ve got all the dope on dermabrasion that you possibly need. We suggest that you top this knowledge off with consultation from a certified medical practitioner before paying those big bucks for a treatment. Be armed with these facts and live your dream of having a vibrant and spotless skin.

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