Top 5 Ways To De-Puff Eyes

If you are taking puffy and sore eyes to work or when you go out, think again, friends. Puffy eyes can mean a lot of things including lack of sleep, illness, emotional troubles, bouts of crying and much more.

“The good news is that de-puffing your eyes is not as hard as you think”, said Tiara, 41, an air-hostess who often hops aboard international flights. Tiara had some great tips for us when we asked her how to de-puff eyes.

Read on and check out these 5 easy ways to de-puff your eyes.

1. Use an eye roll or serum

Most cosmetic giants offer eye serums that come in the form of rolls that provide relief for sore and puffy eyes. “Using an eye serum or an eye roller is a quick fix to your problem of puffy eyes but I suggest that you use this way to de-puff your eyes with discretion.

Do you know why? It’s because these eye rollers to de-puff your eyes usually contain caffeine to provide an instant boost”, cautioned Tiara. Now, we all know that caffeine is not good in the long term, don’t we ladies?

2. Get lots of sleep

The easiest and most passive way to de-puff your eyes is to get lots of sleep. “I get puffy eyes every time I miss a sleep cycle during a flight. On the other hand, when I have had enough sleep, my eyes gleam. So my tip on how to de-puff your eyes is to sleep well and to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night”, said Tiara. Are you sleeping well enough?

3. Keep yourself hydrated

“The eyes around the skin may seem puffed because the skin itself is dehydrated and sore. Most experts will tell you that water or fluid is your best weapon when it comes to skin related issues, and fixing puffy eyes is no different”, said Tiara.

She also mentioned that she had the benefit of maintaining an optimum fluid intake with juices at her disposal due to her job as a stewardess. If you don’t have a similar luxury, water is definitely your best friend if you want to de-puff your eyes.

4. Use cucumber slices

“Using cucumber slices on your eyes while you take that quick 15-minute power nap is a tried and tested way to de-puff your eyes. I make sure that I put this tip into practice at least twice a week”, said Tiara. We are really not surprised that this method of de-puffing eyes works for Tiara because cucumber has high water content which makes it a good source of hydration for the skin under your eyes.

5. Ice cubes in a cloth

Learn how to de-puff your eyes in an instant with Tiara’s top tip of placing eye cubes wrapped in a piece of cloth over your eyes and the area under your eye which is generally prone to becoming puffy. “One of my seniors taught me this tip to de-puff my eyes.

I usually take a small ice cube and wrap it in a thick cloth so my eyes don’t feel very cold. The cool cloth and the moisture of the melting ice cube do wonders to de-puff my eyes instantly”, said Tiara.

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