Keep a Man Interested Beyond Second Date

Second Date

Second DateIt has come up to to perceive palpable that in such exceptional cases boys don’t show any interest in his girlfriend after second date. Today, here you can get idea that how to keep a man interested beyond second date. Single of today have an intimidating mission it seems that it is an easy enough to meet people but it is very hard to keep a man and yourself interested beyond your second date.

Actually the main reason of this impasse is men priding themselves on being an ultra independent person; they don’t like to rely on other and never show a consistent interest in one. They ever like to stay in a couple, but the final ambiguity is how to keep a man interested beyond second date. Actually women are too much quick to open their feelings, their emotions and of course physically, it is psychologically detrimental to them. These are the reason that a men start losing his interest because they are fairly strong enough and don’t like emotional harass. Here are some tips, and I guess you can keep a man interested beyond second date if you follow them;

1) Avoid asking for date

The first tip for keeping a person interested beyond second date is, you should not ask to the man for date, and don’t use to say that you’d like see him again after your first date, whether you be able to say that it was a nice a time. Because if you will ask him for date again and again, so this question irritate the man, and will try to get rid by you. This is the fine and simplest way to keep a man interested beyond second date.

2) Be Real

Here is another tip to keep a man interested beyond second date is try to be real and don’t be show off.  Always try to express your real identity.

3) Don’t make any assumption

Mostly many singles tend to move on dates with an assumption but they all gets worse, with passing a few number of good dates. Definitely, if you will make castles in air so it will be imprudence to assume that these all will come true so in such case we should never assume no matter which about any one.

4) Lighten up

The biggest tip to keep a man interested beyond second date, is from time to time one of two, especially girls make a blunder of attempting to lay down the law too soon. So never put any demand to force that person to make any premature idea about you.

5) Avoid focusing on money

The major idea to keep a man interested beyond second date is don’t ask to man about his credit and financial condition. May be he will perceive a gluttonous person; try to avoid such consequences if you really want to keep a man interested beyond second date.

6) Avoid any sexual relationship

Another idea for keeping man interested beyond second date is don’t accept any sexual relation offer of your boyfriend because a man loses interest after involving in sexual next of kin.

7) Resist Possessiveness

Another idea for keeping a man interested beyond second date is resist the possessiveness, because if you are in the relation so until unless you will not resist the percentage of possessiveness in your personality so mind it, you can’t keep man interested beyond second date.

8) Be patience and persistence

Least but not the last tip to keep man interested beyond second date is put up some patience and persistence in your personality. If you have low patience velocity or equal to not an iota so that’s mean your relation will not be longer more than one or two dates.So patience is very obligatory or mandatory to keep a man interested beyond second date.

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