Coffee and Romance

coffee and romance

coffee and romanceIt’s subtle, it’s humble and it sure is a lot of fun! The idea of a cup of coffee itself is quite the tantalizing one. The aroma of the beans, the warmth of the cup and nevertheless the  obromine that dilates your blood vessels, causing your lungs to exhale and inhale a little faster and your brain is enthralled by this rush of blood. Your body has been optimized. This experience with a lover, can stir up a perfect moment full of passion and romance.

There is no ‘time’ for coffee. It could be a rainy day, a winter evening, a summer morning and even with your late night weekend movie. Coffee compliments most sober occasions best. In fact, if you’re up for a bit of fun, try lacing it with a little bit of scotch and it’ll end up as something some like to call ‘Croffee’ (crazy coffee).

Asking someone out on a coffee date seems like a pretty wise decision. There is little reason for your date to hesitate since ‘it’s just a cup of coffee right?’ Secretly you both know that it’s something like half an hour for you to spill out as much in terms of words as you can in whatever comfort zone you’ve decided to create.

Coffee and romance can be brought into the coffee date by the amount of eye contact you maintain with your date and whether you decide to order your individual  dessert order or decide to share one.

Take your coffee date opportunity to stir as much romance as you can. Share a cup staring at the moon, have one in the middle of the night, fill up a thermos and take it on a long drive with your lover. Avail this opportunity to hold their hand but remember don’t rush to it. Whatever you may do, at the end of it, make sure to thank your date. If it went well, you can agree to another coffee date before you leave.

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