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Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton

Diane KeatonShe received her fame through her movie “Annie Hall” which was released in 1977. This was a film through which Dian Keaton emerged as a style icon and her journey has continued until now. This movie revolved around the character of a style icon actor Annie Hall that was played by Diane Keaton who falls in love with the director of films and thus the movie focused about their romantic relationship. After that, she went onto doing so many films and replaced many of theactors out there as the most prominent style icon. She also played a role in the movie Godfather. Diane Keaton’s bold and beautiful role in this movie also made her mark as a great style icon of the industry.

Her major reason for a lot of success was the way she used to dress and do make up. Her perfect layoff noticesthroughout her career, her flawless skin. In the mid of 1970s she became a style icon due to her exclusively different kind of wardrobe which contained men’s clothing, neckties, baggy pants, vests , hats and coats. She also known for her tomb boyish looks. After her clothing in the movies, the boyish and men’s wear became popular among the women and became the fashion of that era making her a huge style icon.

One she quoted that she wanted to be a singer and wanted to sing as well. She once tried it but gained her fame through acting making her a style icon. She said that her hobby was photography, which made her a huge success. She gained her position as the style icon when she went to go for many product shots in photography and gained a lot of success.

Recently she had been doing productions in Hollywood movies and has maintained her position as a style icon of the Hollywood. She has proven herself as a style icon, which has managed to age in a very decent manner, so she has been telecasted and broadcasted a wide range of beauty products as well. Due to her beautiful skin and fine dressing she is still modeling for many products and is being looked up for the true style icon, which is not possible by any other but her.

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